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Why do we give Dakshina (दक्षिणा) and meaning?

Updated: May 11, 2020

As per the Purana, Raja Daksha had three son designated as Devta, Asur and Human, the three son were not only his son but his disciples also. After their education was over, they asked for Guru Mantra from Daksha for their life journey, Daksha asked them to meet separately and take the mantra, he spoke a word "da or दा" in their ear, Due to their different attributes, they interpreted the word in following:

  • Devta understood DA as self control,

  • Asura understood DA as kindness,

  • Human understood DA as charity,

Dakshina in general is the gift or offering made to Pandit, Priest or Guru, Dakshina too birth from word "DA" means gift or to give, She means to follow or reside while Na means knowledge, As per universal balance of giving and taking cycle, Daksha means able, ability and desire to give beyond,

Any Dakshina given by selfish thought will never be accepted and will be futile, while the one which is given with unconditional and selfless love, not thinking of return while giving, is Parmartha or to the eternal universe, Dakshina is our eternal gratitude to the Divine and HIS bestowed life journey to us, who is taking care of us without asking anything in return, Dakshina has no form, we can do dakshina in any form, whole idea is to give with unconditional love and keeping Parmartha in mind, So go out and give, not thinking of anything, why they are taking it and what they will do of dakshina,

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