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About Hindu Sanskar

Why Sanskars are important?

Since Vedic time and before, we have been following and devotedly practicing the melioration as per the Vedas, family protocols and sect, the same has been mentioned many a times in Vedas, Smrities, Samhitas and family threads,

Today in present India or around the world, with change of time and life, we have forgotten our age old Sanskar, dharma and religious impact on our life, we have started to question the relevance of sanskars, without even understanding the facts and piousness behind them,

Even if today we follow the age old Vedic tradition and dharma sanskars, they act as positive energy and bestow us with overall positivity, unfortunately pride of knowledge is the worst knowledge and fellow human find these sanskars are hollow,

Hindu Sanskar is an attempt to bring back those valuable age old beautiful tradition be it a moment of joy like birth, marriage, janeyu, or moment of sorrow like death, we have devoted ourselves to help you in finding the right Sanskar for your need right at your doorstep supported by our team of religious scholars and pundits,

Sankars are must to practice right Dharma and followed by Karma, Karma decide our action and life, whether it is life of parents, us or kids, right karma and dharma make build our future and bestow us with all the health, happiness and harmony,

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