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What is Bhasm (भस्म)?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The meaning is hidden in the holiness of Bhasm, the holiness which Mahadeva found in the pyre of a man and its ashes, by wearing the bhasm on body, Shiva has respected the holiness of it,

It is said that by wearing the bhasm on Body, Bgawan Shiva connect to the soul and hug the soul, according to HIM, after the death the ashes left behind is purest form because there remain no attribute of the person alive, becomes nirguna and nirakar,

There is nothing left beyond bhasm
Bhasm is pure

The ash is left with no joy, no happiness, no sorrow, no good or bad and no form, and for the same that ash is holy, merging into Shiva,

Let the journey from form to ashes be blissful and full of kindness, accumulation ends in ashes so let us try to share our love and care.

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