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Dr Sanjay Parva-world renowned wellness Expert

It is a honor for Hindu Sanskar to associate with world renowned wellness expert Dr Sanjay Parva with us and take our society welfare to next level,

A brief about Dr Sanjay Parva:

Dr Sanjay Parva

Dr Sanjay Parva is a Kashmir-born doctor-turned-writer, author of Words About To Fall, Unseen Beauty of Kargil, Home Management of Work-Related Pains, and Disability Is This Ability, poet, photographer, nomad, and columnist. His coffee table book, Unseen Beauty of Kargil, released this year, was the first coffee table book on Kargil that is being hailed by both commoners and policy makers as being an authentic work to popularize and highlight the beautiful side of Kargil and its valleys, which had been so far deemed only as a war territory.

Unseen Beauty of Kargil

He writes a popular column, Musings, for Greater Kashmir in Srinagar and has been a medico-marketing strategist with medical content development and visualization as his special field of interest.

He was part of the University of Rochester-Media Lab Asia team for Rapid Assessment Procedure (RAP) in 2002, a path-breaking digital initiative that sought to provide in-time holistic help to people in the remote Indian villages.

Previously he spearheaded the health division of a Washington-based media company, and his last stint was with an Indian doctor networking company as GM, Communications and Engagement.

Having deep interest in the education and healthcare sector, Dr Parva is now actively pursuing his renewed interest in farming with a passion for writing healthcare books that carry a social impact, including a book on resurgence of the ancient guru-shishya parampara and its impact on mental wellbeing of children.

Disability is this ability

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