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Why Vedic hawan or Yagnas are important for purity and immunity?

Updated: May 11, 2020

During Vedic times we didn’t use to have disinfectants to purify air, so our sages use to do Yagnas or hawan's at regular intervals which used all five elements of life i.e. air, water, wind, fire and ether or sky, these all being form of energy were supple with natural herbs and shrubs during yagnas or hawan which use to act as sixth element for overall health and harmony, With time we lost our touch and relevance of Yagnas or hawan and unable to prove the importance of why Yagnas are to be practiced, due to the decline and disappearance of right knowledge, Vedic rituals evolved on the basis of yagna having primarily the purpose to create harmony, syncing environment, also providing harmony within the human body itself, creating environment of purity and immunity,

Hawan sanctifies environment

From the early times, Yagnas in itself is to be seen as the very essence of Veda, the ritual was understood to be a procedure to sanctify the environment and surroundings,, Atharva veda interprets the relationship between human and Yagnas, the Samagri is sanctified by Vedic mantras to have best result, The Yagna purifies air and creates positive energy in the home and surroundings, which affects our vibrations of the mind, body and soul, creating positivity and sync of internal and external life, While performing yagnas, the energy generated by Vedic Mantras provides beneficial effects on all four i.e mind, body, soul and nature, it purifies air through the fragrance of herbs emitted from the agnihotra (agni is fire and hotra is offering), thus helping to removes bacteria from the surrounding atmosphere. Vedic ritual are not complete without Hawan and was considered as a bridge between human and Divine, making offerings which reach to Divine and blessed with health, happiness and harmony,

Vedic Agnihotra and its importance

As per WHO most death in a year occur due to various infection causing bacteria and virus due to environment which assist in growth of these micro organisms, The scientific aspect we have already shared above for the modern generation to understand the importance of why Yagnas to be performed on regular intervals, If not everyday, we should try our best to perform yajnas, agnihotra and homam once week; they have no negative or inauspicious effect, except creating positivity and healthy environment,

The agnihotra or samagri in general include 61 herbs and shrubs which were used during the ancient time, each hawan or Yagna performed by Vedic Hawan Samagri helps you find peace of mind, body and soul,

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