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Why Sanskars are important?

Updated: May 11, 2020

In present day India or around the world, with the change of time and life-style, we have forgotten our old rites, rituals and dharma in our lives, we have started to question the relevance of the rites and rituals, without understanding the facts, scientific approach and religiosity recognized. The basis and basics of life should always be strong, then whether it is a house of glass or bricks, always remain standstill and everlasting, the journey of strong basis of life starts from childhood and should be started during that age, and to make our childhood basis strong, sanskars are required to form the basic plinth of life,

If even today we follow the old Vedic tradition and religious rites, they act as positive energy and inspire us with overall positivity, unfortunately ego of knowledge and pride in it is the worst wisdom and fellow human being find these rites hollow, Many a times today generation ask me, what are Sanskars and why do we need them, well, sanskars are our core protection like vaccination of childhood, they protect us during the time when when greed, ego and pride or when adharma attack us,

Please feel free to write us on, we would be happy to assist you in your vrat, puja and upasana, its all about Sanskars...

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