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Why Hindu Women apply Sindoor?

Applying Sindoor is a symbol of Married woman in Hinduism, during the marriage ceremony, the groom applies sindoor to bride forehead amidst Mantras,

The place where sindoor is applied, is just above the brahmarandhra and adhami center, applying sindoor on the hair-parting (maang) and as a dot on the forehead keeps the energy intact, peace of mind and connected,

It is also a sign that woman is married, like in west married woman wear ring symbolizing they are married,

If real sindoor is applied on forehead, it acts as energy retainer and helps one to sync mind, body and soul, in ancient times, both male and female use to apply teeka, some used chandan, some turmeric and while woman mostly sindoor, as a mark of focal point, so anyone who sees us first, focus on the mark or dot of teeka applied, keeping negative energies away.

To have more grace and energy of Divine blessings, you can order the Vedic Sindoor on Hindu Sanskar,

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