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Why do we clap during Arti (आरती)?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Have you ever thought, why do we clap during Arti, clapping enhances the immunity of our body, in general we all clap during the Puja and Archana, when we visit the temple we see people clapping during Arti and we also start doing so, There are three main reasons for clapping, which are not only helpful to our body but also to our mind and soul peace,

The 29 acupressure points of our body are located in our hands, when we clap these acupressure points are pressed by hands, which in turn increase the flow of blood and oxygen to entire body, and the most easiest way to press these points is clapping, To attain best result of pressure points, clap with all heart in such a way the hands become red, showing the flow of blood, and helping the increase in energy of body, Arti is kind of a sermon or mantras which create a positive energy around us, and when this positive energy flows between our hands during clapping, the vibrating generating from claps travel around us and make the entire environment conscious and at bliss, while giving a birth to positivity within us, Even if our thoughts go haywire, clapping brings us back to the bhakti of Bhagwan and in that moment, So clap your hands aloud during Arti and let the positive vibrations travel to distant and help many more to sync,

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