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What is Sama Veda ?

Vedanam Samaveedosmi - Of the Veda, I am Sama Veda, -Gita Through havan, chanting and worshiping only deities can be awaken, the collection of lyrical mantras of the Vedas is called 'Samaveda'. The sweet voice is exuded in the worship of God, this juice is called Sama. The beginning of the mantras of Samaveda 'Agra Aayihi Vitayay". And the end comes from 'Swasti na andro vriddhashravah'. There is no repetition of any kind in the Veda. There is knowledge given by God everywhere which has reached us all through the speech of the sages.

Sama Veda is Divinity among all four veda

Sāma is singing of hymns from Rigveda alone and not from other Veda-s. "richi adhyoodham sama" ऋचि अध्यूढ्रम साम (Chhandog Upnishad 1.6.1). Hence Sāma is composition of words in Rigvedic hymns into notes. The richā-s or hymns of Rigveda are called yoni or ādhāra as they form the base of Sāmagān. In musicological parlance Sāma Veda has taken mātu (words) from Rigveda and provided dhātu (notes) to these words.

The mantra sung in hymns is Sama, it is important that mantras are sung in special song style, the mantra of the Rigveda is sung in special musicological, then it is called 'Sama'. The Rigveda presented as an is the same. The Rigveda and the Samveda depend on each other, so these two Vedas have a close relationship and are filler of each other.

Sama Veda is Divinity among all four veda,

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