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What is Atharva Veda?

Atharvaveda- unique coordination of spirituality, astrology, religious and secular knowledge,

Atharva Veda is on the fourth place among all four Vedas, in fact the Atharva veda is made up of the sum of two words, Atharvat + Veda = Atharvaveda. Well-known Brahmin Gopathbrahman and Yask's in Atharva Veda explained and interepreted the meaning of the word Arthavat, described in two ways:

(1) A motionless or stable yoga. According to Nirukta, 'tharva' is a metal or core to any flow. It means motion or effort. In it, 'Atharva' is formed after the prefix 'अ', then it becomes meaning - static constant (गति शून्य स्थिर), (2) According to Gopatbrahman, the subtle form of 'Atharvak' is Atharvan (Atharva). Atha + Avraak = Atharva. In Gopath it means - to see the nearest soul inside. The Atharvaveda is the Vedas in which the soul is preached to the lore of interviewing within itself. The Atharvaveda Samhita is divided into twenty kandas. There are 624 suktas and 5,979 mantras inside it. Most of the mantras in the twentieth episode belong to the Rigveda. In these mantras of Atharvaveda, spiritualism, theology and self-realization are attained through sadhana, upasana and tantra rituals. Life is protected from faults - misfortune, poverty, curses, misdeeds, heat, inauspiciousness, distress, conflict, disasters, ghosts, obstacles etc. In this way, Atharvaveda is the Veda explaining the topics of Yoga - Sadhana, Chittavriti Nirodha, Unity of soul and Brahma etc.

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