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Peringottukara Devasthanam Temple, kerala

Peringottukara Devasthanam Sree Vishnumaya Swami Bhuvaneswary Temple, also known as ‘Kaliyuga Varada Temple’ is a pioneering Sree Vishnumaya Swami and Sree Bhuvaneswari Devi Temple with the tradition of centuries.

We are the 5th generation to follow the holy steps of ParamachariyaVelumuthappa Swamikal, the first devotee who brought lord Sree Vishnumaya  Swami to Peringottukara village.

Today our family temple has become the shelter for devotees of all castes and religion. Here there is blessings for all and solution for all problems of mind and body.

Please feel free to write us at, we would be happy to asssit you, its all about Sanskars...

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