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Mantra Shastra, Mantra and Ritual

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

As per the Vedic tradition chanting the mantra is a very difficult task for a normal person, special sanctity and purity must be given with special attention while performing specific rituals to fulfill a particular wish. Whereas, reverence is sufficient for deeds and rituals performed for peace, in daily worship, and in general, the chanter wishes for happiness - peace and healing, reason ? Without this, there is no salvation either, In any sadhana, the sadhana of inner self or within with devotion and dedication has more importance than outside practice.

Lord Shri Krishna clearly said in the Gita, Shraddhamayo Shree Purush: God is revered. God can be attained only by the reverence, devotion and love, that is, even if one does not know the ancient mantra or ritual, if he chants the mantra devotedly, then he definitely gets desired (इष्ट) blessings but devotion is must,

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