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Importance of Shikha (शिखा) and why?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Vedic shastra has deep connection and relation with the growing of Shikha (शिखा) and this tradition is since our ancient Vedic times, shikha is a symbol of our sanskars and values, helping us to keep our mind pure,

During the sacred ritual, we are asked to tie knot to our Shikha, the reason is simple, the positive energy and vibration compiled during sacred ritual is stored in the brain and does not leave, thus enlightening us with knowledge, pious thoughts, confidence and body energy is contained and maintained,

Sanatan dharma and shikha
Why do we keep shikha

Since black color attract maximum energy and rays from the sun, and keep our consciousness active by channeling our knowledge in the right direction, it acts as a radar,

The shikha is left behind and the head not completely shaved because there is a sensitive spot on the head known as Adhipati Marma, which is supposed to be a nexus of all nerves (Sushruta Samhitã 6/71).

Below this spot is the Brahmarandhra. The Brahmarandhra is the seventh chakra (also known as the Sahasrara chakra) and is the highest one in the human body, represented by a thousand-petalled lotus, it is considered the seat of wisdom.

The knotted shikha protects this spot. When the fully enlightened attain jeevan mukti, the soul is said to depart the human body from this chakra.

Another philosophical explanation is when a human is drowning in the sea of maya (illusion), the shikha will be used by the Guru to pull him out of the sea and into enlightenment.

Overall, it protects our energy, wisdom and consciousness from getting effected and dissipated, and also help us accumulate right knowledge.

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