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Importance of Rudraksha

According to mythological texts, Rudraksha is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva. Rudra + Aksha (Rudraksha) means 'Rudraksha' produced by the eyes of Rudra (Shiva) is both fruit and flower. Its color is brown and warm,

Many episodes are found in our religious and mythological texts about Rudraksha. Rudraksha is worshiped in the form of a facet, it is worn by wearing a garland and it is also used in many ways as a medicine.

It is believed that by worshiping Rudraksha in the house, Lakshmi always abides and there is no shortage of food, clothes and anything else. People who wear rudraksh fear or negative energy never bother them.

Benefits of Rudraksha

Some scholars also consider it cold. It controls blood pressure and its disorders and reinforces minerals, kills germs outside and inside the body. It helps in removing blood pressure and heart disease. It sour in taste. Rudraksh is considered to be the best of all the mala and the chanting of mantra performed on it also gives many thousand times more than the chanting done on all the japa mala as shared in Vedic Shastra

Use of rudraksha in various diseases:

  • In Ayurvedic terms, Rudraksh is considered as Mahoushadhi (महौषधि). It is said about it that it is hot and sour. For this reason, it also reduces Vata and Kapha and other diseases. Due to its rich in acidic and vitamin 'C', it is a blood antiseptic and blood purifier . Being warm, it is considered useful in all diseases caused by cold and cough

  • Rudraksha Mala is a boon for high blood pressure patients. This mala keeps the blood pressure under control. For this, it is necessary that the beads of Rudraksha or the rosary of Rudraksha should hang until the heart of the patient, that is, touch the heart. It draws unnecessary heat of the body of diseases and throws it out. Many sages believe that wearing Rudraksh brings immense peace of mind and high blood pressure is controlled.

  • If rubbed Rudraksha in water and applied on toxic boils, the boils are cured.

  • Fill the grain of Rudraksh with water in a copper vessel at night. Taking grains out in the morning and drinking the water on an empty stomach provides relief in heart disease and constipation.

  • Boiling Rudraksha in milk, drinking milk increases memory power and provides relief in cough as well.

Rudraksha, Tulsi etc. the scientific belief behind wearing a mala of divine medicnes is that by chanting upanshu japa using lips and tongue, the seeker's gland - the arteries have to do more work than normal, as a result of which there is a possibility of throat related diseases

The above mentioned mala is worn around neck to protect oneself,

Wearing the mala of Rudraksha with vedic sanskar method, a person progresses spiritually, relieves worldly obstacles and sorrows, the brain and heart get strength, blood pressure is balanced, you get mental peace, there is a suppression of bile disease.

That is why the the sanatan dharma has such reverence for the mala of such a beneficial, sacred Rudraksha. The person who chants with the mala of Rudraksha gets a tenfold fruit. There is no fear of Akalamrityu either. Before wearing the mala of Rudraksha or wearing a single grain of Rudraksha, one should be purified and sanctified by taking bath and all,

Rurdraksha Mala

Please feel free to write us on to know which mala is useful for you, its all about Sanskars...

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