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Chaturmas (चातुर्मास) meaning and significance

According to Hindu Dharma and Sanskar, the four month from July to October in general are known as Chaturmas or (Sanskrit: चातुर्मास Caturmasa),beginning on Shayani Ekadashi the eleventh day of the bright half, Shukla paksha, of Ashadh (fourth month of the Hindu lunar calendar) until Prabodhini Ekadashi, the eleventh day of the bright half of Kartik (eighth month of the Hindu lunar calendar),

People who are in spiritualism, these four months are most significant for meditation and devotion, during these four months not only mind and body is sync and at bliss but the surrounding environment is also good, due to the Puja and Rituals going around,

Meaning of chaturmas (चातुर्मास )(
what is chaturmas (चातुर्मास )

These four months are known as fasting months, it is believed that in these four months our digestive system becomes weak, and the numbers of bacteria and in our water and food increases many folded due to surplus rains, to avoid any diseases related to digestive system, the first month ins Chaturmas is most significant, generally the products which are are light and non-spicy are eaten during these periods, thus helping us to cruise time with health, happiness and harmony,

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