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After the war of Mahabharata?

Updated: May 11, 2020

The 18-day war reduced Draupadi's age to 80 years, both physically and mentally. As if her eyes were sunken in a pit, the dark circles under the eyes also took the blood-soaked cheeks to their limits. The color had become more black.

Before the war, a flame of vengeance lit up and after the war the fire of repentance was burning. There was no ability to understand anything nor to think. There were piles of corpses all around Kurukshetra. For whose cremation neither people were available nor means. The city was dominated by widows everywhere, men seemed to be alone, orphaned children were seen moving around and all of them were staring at the idle in the palace of Queen Draupadi Hastinapur. That's when Krishna enters the room!

Battle cannot be won by battle

Hail to Empress Draupadi, said Bhagwan Krishna,

Draupadi runs and clings to Krishna as soon as he sees Krishna, Krishna let her cry, after a while, separates her from himself

Draupati: - I did not think about what happened and such grave consequences, Sakha.

Krishna: - Neeti is very cruel, Panchali, she does not follow our thinking, she transforms our actions into results. You wanted to take revenge and you succeeded Draupadi! Your vengeance is complete. Not only Duryodhana and Dushasan, all the Kauravas have ended, you should be happy!.

Draupati: -have you come to bear my wounds or to sprinkle salt on them!

Krishna: No Draupadi, I have come to make you aware of the reality. We do not see the result of our actions far enough and when they are in front of us nothing remains in our hands.

Draupathi: So am I solely responsible for this war, Krishna?

Krishna: - No Draupadi, don't consider yourself so important, but if you had a little foresight in your actions, you would never have suffered so much like the way you are. Draupati: - What could I have done Krishna?

Krishna: - During the Swyamber, then you would not insult Karna and give him an opportunity to participate in the competition, then the results would have been different! After this, when Kunti ordered you to be the wife of five husbands, then if you did not accept her, the results would have been different and after that you insulted Duryodhana in your palace, if you would have not done it then you would not have been ripped off, even then the circumstances would have been different.

War starts with words of ego

Our words are also our actions, Draupadi and we need to weigh every word of ours before uttering , otherwise its ill effects keep grieving not only ourselves but our entire surroundings.

Now you are the Queen of Hastinapur and at this time, Hastinapur is in a lot of trouble, you have to end the despair of Maharaja Yudhishthira and they will have to do the work of revival of Hastinapur at a rapid pace, get up and get your deeds done, this is a sign of nature.

Words are energy and soul doesn't know and cannot make difference in joke or seriousness, we should choose our words wisely and wisely while saying something, understanding the consequences of our words and their actions is bliss not for self but also for others,

Speak thinking, do not think of speaking. This is the big difference between sense and stupidity.

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